Me. I’m Hannah, formerly of Fish Sauce, Motorbikes and the Golden Tortoise but I’ve recently left Hanoi for a small town in Indiana. My only memory of Indiana is of hours spent in a greasy roadside pizza joint waiting for a tire repair after my dad hit a giant piece of wood on the Interstate. We lived in Chicago at the time and my dad was taking my sister and I to a farm to pick apples. We never made it.

My camera is a Canon Powershot S95. It was my Christmas gift to myself last year in Hanoi and I love it. Someday, when I can afford it, I’d like a DSLR but that’s a far-off dream. I do plan to get a light meter and learn to use my great-grandmother’s ancient Leica once I get a job.

My comments policy is simple: 1) Be nice; 2) Don’t be racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory. I’ll delete you like the Thought Police; 3) I welcome critiques on the photographs, but be constructive. Negativity isn’t particularly helpful. That said, please comment. I love comments and leave them on other blogs as often as I am inspired.

I am on Flickr. I’m trying to do Pinterest and, while there’s lots of cool stuff on the site, it’s a giant timesuck. I suck at Twitter.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. had i not read your about page, id never knew that you only use a point and shoot (i mean in positive way). cool blog, beautiful photos, i love the minimalist theme.

    i am now your follower. cheers mate!

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