Little Nashville’s Hidden Gem: The Muddy Boots

At 4:30 in the afternoon, who isn’t thinking about hearty breakfasts? For whatever reason, I am so let me introduce you to The Muddy Boots, a Nashville, Ind., diner and cafe. Nashville, called Little Nashville so as not to confuse it with Nashville, Tenn., is an artist community in Brown County. Suffice to say the place has a lot of character. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves but have the cinnamon tea and biscuits with eggs and bacon if you find yourself at the Muddy Boots.

If you’re going to Indiana for any reason, go to Brown County. It’s winding roads, wooded hills and towns with names like Gnaw Bone and Bean Blossom make it sound like a fictional setting. It is the location of the Brown County State Park and part of Breaking Away was filmed there.

The Muddy Boots

136 N Van Buren Street

Nashville, IN 47448


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