Millenium Park, Ansel Adams and Reflections

I’ve been absent from cyberspace for the past week because I’ve been involved in the steady tedium and occasional excitement of moving, unpacking, organizing, re-organizing. Of course, not having reliable internet doesn’t make it any easier to tend one’s internet ego presence.

When I saw the weekly photo challenge prompt–reflections–I knew I had to get back online. Reflections is such a multilayered word, concept, image. Reflections are one of my favorite subjects to photograph. Imagine my delight at Anish Kapoor’s sculpture of the Bean (technically, Cloud Gate) in Chicago’s Millenium Park.

Self-portrait in the bean

Public art at its best, the Bean is a giant, shiny jungle gym. Chicago’s architecture and art are part of the city’s appeal but I think the Bean is the most engaging of the sculptures. Walking around it or sitting under it, you feel like you’re reflected in a funhouse mirror. A Beanportrait is essential.

I like photographs of reflections because they challenge you to question what you see. They manifest Ansel Adams’ statement, “There are two people in every photograph: the photographer and the viewer.”

A corner of the bean

The city is reflected all the way around the Bean. If you took a photograph from the same vantage point, at the same time every day for a year, you would not only capture the other Bean-viewers and yourself, but the sky, the pavement and the city. As the light changed throughout the year and with the weather, you would photograph the light changing on the Bean and on the buildings at the same time. You could study space and time all through photographs of one sculpture. Oh, I am so excited just thinking about this project! Too bad I don’t live in Chicago.

I’ll begin posting about Rockford sometime next week.

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