Moving Day, again

I may have mentioned that this Indiana to Illinois move is not my first.


There was the first one, as a wee babe, from Washington DC to Gettysburg, Penn. Then to Athens, Ohio; Wichita, Kan.; Chicago, Ill. From Chicago we moved to–I kid not–Horseheads, NY, and 18 months later to Wausau, Wisconsin. I moved to Minneapolis, Minn., for university and my parents eventually moved to Columbus, Ind., while I was in Vietnam.


Now, I’m in that phase of schooling where I’ve moved back in with the ‘rents before grad school. Since I’ve already moved so much, it seems natural that I’d be around for this one, too.


Moving punctuates the family narrative. Departure is at the end of every chapter, arrival at the beginning.

2 thoughts on “Moving Day, again

  1. You used to live in Gettysburg? I used to go on school field trips there! I even applied to Gettysburg College — deep down I knew I’d never go though, I heard too many ghost stories from the battlefields on those field trips and knew I wouldn’t survive four years there since I spook way too easily! Anyway good luck with the move and settling into your new home!

    • I did live in Gettysburg. I don’t remember it but have been told we could see the spot from which the first shot of the battle was fired from our living room. We drove through once several years ago when we lived in upstate NY, though, and it seemed like a cute town. I’ve heard ghost stories, too, and that would keep me from living there.

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