Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal


Renewal brings to mind spring, freshly tilled soil, crocus buds pushing through the snow around the mailbox. And it brings to mind an end. In order for something to be renewed, it must first come to an end. I took this photograph in October as I was biking along one of Columbus’ bike paths. Leaves were beginning to fall and most of the hedge was completely bare but these flowers, entwined in the branches, bloomed. The essence of renewal, I think, is that newness and birth is linked to oldness and loss. It’s a perfect word for this week: Next week, my parents will pack their belongings and move to Illinois. Rather than camping trips, my family moved as a bonding experience. My sisters and I learned not to be sad about leaving friends; we could keep in touch with the important ones. A house was never home: it was just where we studied and ate and slept. The family inside it was home. Waving goodbye to one city means waving hello to another.

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Weekly Photo Challenge is a WordPress-organized series. Each week, there is a different photographic theme. This week’s theme is geometry. I’ll tag each post with “postaday” and “weekly photo challenge: [insert theme].”


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