Weekly Travel Theme: Couples


Rarely do I share Vietnam photos here; I had a whole other blog for that and have published this photograph before. It is, however, my favorite so I am always delighted to have an excuse to show it off. I took it while driving (on my yellow motorbike) around West Lake in Hanoi. This part of the lake is a lotus pond that borders on the water park. Young couples don’t have a lot of privacy in Hanoi; many live with their parents until they marry at which point, if she is marrying an oldest son, a woman moves in with her in-laws. Couples of all ages seek out peace and quiet–ironically in a city as loud and public as Hanoi–around the lake, especially early in the morning or in the evening when it cools down.


Down the block a few months ago, a couple of birdhouses hung from a tree. They must have been a school or camp art project. I never saw a couple of birds there, but I did spy a couple of turkeys at an antique shop.


Picker’s Paradise is best described as a pawntique; I can’t tell if it is a pawn shop or antique store. It’s the sort of place where you sell extra stuff that doesn’t go at your grandmother’s estate sale. Hence this couple of turkeys. Salt and pepper shakers are a couple.


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