Backroads Americana: Gypsy Moon Flea Market

Between Columbus and Bloomington, where Indiana University is, there is a town called Gnaw Bone. Gnaw Bone’s biggest attraction, besides the Gnaw Mart, which supposedly has great pulled pork sandwiches, is the Gypsy Moon Flea Market.

Now, those of you who followed me through Vietnam and Cambodia know that I love photographing markets. In South East Asia, you just never know what entrails or illegal animal products you’ll see on the shelf. Plus, you can buy a chicken and have it butchered before your eyes. It’s how you know the meat is fresh.

Last Sunday, my mom and I were driving past and, after weeks of saying that we had to go, pulled over to visit the flea market. A flea market, for those who don’t know, is a bazaar where vendors sell used goods. Some are high quality but, at Gypsy Moon Flea Market, the goods were of a decidedly lower quality.

Turns out, you don’t know what you’ll find in Gnaw Bone either. Dollhouse furniture? Like dragonfruit in Asia, it’s to be expected.

But would you like a bedpan to go with your enamel collection?

The Pillsbury dough boy might make a nice dog toy.

Is this a witch, a frog or a doll? Or all three?

On Wisconsin. I went to high school in Wisconsin, long enough to truly appreciate the cow and the assortment of dairy products it provides.

Instead of the Velveteen Rabbit’s skin horse, Gnaw Bone offeres the quilted horse. Note the paisley.



This pig is a cookie jar. ‘Nuff said.


And the Tacky Trophy goes to…. Notice the swinging dolphin pendulum.




7 thoughts on “Backroads Americana: Gypsy Moon Flea Market

    • Wow! Small world. There’s not actually much to Gnaw Bone but it’s got a great name, a flea market full of truly whimsical crap and supposedly good sandwiches. Those are pretty good qualifications for any destination. I can die and go to heaven now that I’ve been to Gnaw Bone.

      • I like anyone who uses the words ‘whimsical’ and ‘crap’ in the same sentence! Now I need to add a trip to Gnaw Bone to my bucket list.

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