Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Everyday life has come to mean many things throughout the past few years. In Minneapolis, I cooked and cooked when I came home from working a dead-end job in an insurance company’s call center. I would spend the day, bored, automatically answering, “Thanks you for calling…” while really thinking about all the lentil soup I was planning to make and wondering which type of bread to learn to bake next. In Vietnam, I almost never cooked. I would go to a bia hoi (microbrewery) for fried rice with friends, walk to the market for a bowl of bun cha with my housemates or try the pho place next to the supermarket. Here, in Columbus, I cook again. I love it. And I help my mother and sister fix dinner, just as I did when I was 18, the last time I lived at home. A lot has changed in those eight years but our dinner-fixing routine has not. I still deal with the vegetables. My mom still handles the meat. My sister sets the table. The cupboard doors have been primed and await a fresh coat of paint. I have lost count of the number of houses we have painted, repaired and sold. Dinner is the sentences of everyday life; moving is the punctuation.


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Weekly Photo Challenge is a WordPress-organized series. Each week, there is a different photographic theme. This week’s theme is near and far. I’ll tag each post with “postaday” and “weekly photo challenge: [insert theme].”

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