Roger Federer is Magic

Yeah, that’s Roger Federer. And yeah, I took that photo. And yeah, I was at the Western & Southern Tennis Tournament to see him (along with Venus and Serena Williams) play to qualify for the US Open. The photo was taken during his ESPN interview (which I haven’t found online yet) after winning a match against Marty Fish.

I took that one, too. Lest you think I am some kind of expert on tennis, I am not. I lack the hand-eye coordination necessary to tie my shoes let alone hit a ball while jumping. But I do like Roger Federer. I mean, he speaks like five languages. My parents live two hours away from Cincinnati; my dad offered me the ticket.

Not to be relegated to classical ballet, the arabesque makes its way into tennis.

How does it feel to have all of your fans watch you practice? What is life like as a goldfish? Not that I had any qualms about watching. Oh, and Roger Federer speaks French while playing tennis.

Sports photography, I learned, is really difficult but there are a few more coming later this week.






3 thoughts on “Roger Federer is Magic

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    • Thanks.

      My sister speaks German and has long argued that RF must also speak German because he’s Swiss. Given that he does speak about 5 languages, it’s probably true. But I heard the man speak French with my own ears. Vive la belle langue!

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