C is for Curiosity

NASA’s rover Curiosity landed on Mars yesterday.

As one blogger put it:

At the same time Olympic athletes are achieving the incredible with their bodies, American scientists and engineers are achieving the incredible with their minds.

Our times are full of uncertainty; so uncertain that even the Olympics have been plagued by one controversy after enough. Doping scandals. Political scandals. Fixing scandals.

Let’s take a moment, then, and allow ourselves to be awed by something very certain and impervious to scandal: the sheer perfection of mechanical engineering, computer programming, astrophysical knowledge, and human ambition that brought Curiosity safely to the surface of Mars.

Do you know what getting Curiosity safely to Mars was like? It was like shooting an arrow in London and hitting a bullseye in Japan with your eyes closed and standing on one leg.

The photograph, by the way, are Columbus, Indiana’s bicycle racks.

A Brief History of Photography on Mars (NPR)


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